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Who is Ciccone Tile? Find out a little about us below and how we became the best in the business. 

For over 25 years, Ciccone Tile, a family owned and operated business, has completed thousands of custom tile jobs and projects that have left builders, homeowners, and business owners with a satisfaction that is unmatched. First impressions are tough and step one in impressing and feeling satisfied is with the appearance of your home or business. Ciccone Tile was founded on the principle and belief that your dream home or business is only one step away. Ciccone Tile owner, Kevin Ciccone prides himself on the high level of quality and customer satisfaction that is customary with each job and project contracted by Ciccone Tile. Ciccone Tile defines itself by the level of satisfaction of each and every customer that is served.

Ciccone Tile is a family company started in Newton, Massachusetts in 1985. Custom tile work was a family trade that owner Kevin Ciccone grew to love and cultivated into the prosperous and successful company it is today. In 1998, Ciccone Tile was moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and was open for business. Many Custom tile jobs were performed and mastered throughout Cape Cod and many long time connections with home owners, builders, and contractors were nurtured during the time of operation on Cape Cod.

In 2005, Ciccone Tile found itself moving again. This time, the move was over 900 miles away from the birth place of the company. Ciccone Tile was reestablished in Mooresville, North Carolina. This move was not an easy one, according to owner, Kevin Ciccone. Kevin rebuilt his contacts, found work, and started rediscovering his love for tile. Through the past nine years of hard work, Kevin has rebuilt his company into a profitable and strong company.

Ciccone Tile is rated A+ on the Charlotte Better Business Bureau. 


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